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His bibulous reputation was exaggerated by his opponents, Mr Chernow believes, and indeed with discipline and the support of his beloved wife, he abstained from drinking almost fully during his presidency. I do not look upon the fall of Vicksburg as in the least doubtful. The personality clash between father and son meant that, unlike his brothers, Grant did not join in the family business, instead attending West Point. Adapted from U. Grant, as is the way with generals in politics, mistrusted politicians but trusted former officers and big businessmen. Grant brushed aside objections and initiated an energetic and efficient recruiting effort in the Western theater. Grant and son, Galena, Ill. Find out where your enemy is. The government made the voluntary enlistment of black soldiers in the U. Wherever the enemy goes let our troops go also. The North do not want, nor will they want, to interfere with the institution. Grant , edited by Jeremiah Chaplin, Boston: D. He helped push through the 15th Amendment, which gave male citizens of all colours the right to vote.

The Celebrity Soldier: Ulysses S. Vicksburg was an essential position for the Confederacy because of its strategic geography. Grant was placed in charge of the Vicksburg campaign.

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White reminds that his subject's brilliance was not confined to the battlefield and presents a balanced, informative look at one of American history's most impenetrable figures. The next seven years saw Grant undertake a number of peacetime careers, all without success. Arnold, makes the case that Grant's adroit military maneuvers were the equal of Napoleonic campaigns. Obviously, Vicksburg was one of the most important objectives of the Union army. Log in or register now. You must take it; I cannot live with anything in my possession that is not mine. Now, black men, mostly ex-slaves, would wear the blue Union uniform, and the Union Army would become the instrument of liberation for millions of black people. Instead, he again attempted success in the business world, and again found himself destitute. The government made the voluntary enlistment of black soldiers in the U. Instead, he heard, one after another, the names of mere time-servers and hack politicians and unknown cronies of the General. Regarding Confederate executions of captured Union prisoners of war at Milliken's Bend by hanging Letter to Richard Taylor at Vicksburg Dear father, I have received several letters from Mary and yourself, but as I have to deal with nineteen-twentieths of those received, have neglected to answer them. One sometimes hears it argued that, if Lincoln had lived, the path to radical Reconstruction would have been smoother. It was an audacious gamble, but it worked. Order to corps, division, and post commanders , Milliken's Bend, Louisiana. This crippled Ulysses in most areas of life, where some kind of thrusting or self-positioning is essential, but wartime demonstrated the difference between showing off and getting the job done, between those who look good on the parade ground and those who look good on the battleground.

He takes what troops we can safely give him…and does the best he can with what he has got. The Union controlled the Mississippi River; U.

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White, Jr. Lincoln feared appointing another general-in-chief like George B. On these, he excelled. The colored man cannot be spared until his place is supplied, but with a refuge like San Domingo his worth here would soon be discovered, and he would soon receive such recognition to induce him to stay; or if Providence designed that the two races should not live to-gether he would find his home in the Antilles.

When he had the opportunity to fight a more resourceful, less wasteful kind of war, as in the sequence of hit-and-run battles that led up to Vicksburg, he did.

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Here the enemy occupied two positions. Their wedding was delayed by the outbreak of war with Mexico.

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'The Man Who Saved the Union': making the case for Ulysses S. Grant