Toyota prius case study answers

Toyota prius case study answers

As care for the environment grows, so grows the demand for efficient hybrid vehicles which are the nexus to alternative fuels. The programme…. Yet again showing how rewarding courage and patience can be, this Japanese company developed a new market for its new product a market that still grows steadily today, and does so with high expectations.

They grew together, grow together and take care of each other. December Dashboard. Though trends come and go, the affordability and sustainability of the Prius has adapted with the changes in income for the American consumers.

Americans also have been scared to move from a vehicle that they can fix by themselves in a garage to something that needs to be hooked up to a computer in order to see what is wrong with it. This made believers out of the company, suppliers, and competitors and even led to the development of a new and improved Prius with more horsepower, better gas mileage and more storage space and leg room.

The customer market would also have to demand these vehicles, or else the investment would not work.

target market for toyota prius
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Toyota prius case study