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She says over the tapes that Bryce had helped her live up to her reputation of being a slut.

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A classmate of Hannah's who worked as a photographer for the yearbook, Tyler allegedly stalked Hannah and took pictures of her through her bedroom window. Jessica Davis throws a end of year party. They have a sleepover, play a game of truth or dare that ends with Courtney and Hannah kissing and catch her stalker, they both find out it's Tyler Down, Courtney leaves quickly after learning that it wasn't a stranger but someone at their school who caught them on camera. He particularly looks out for Clay as he struggles through the tapes. When Hannah did not actively resist Bryce, he raped her. Despite its proposed controversy, Festus High is one example of a school that supports the novel. Hannah heard the clicks of his camera all the time and became increasingly scared. After sending the photo around school and assaulting Hannah in the corner shop, he gets into the hot tub while Hannah is in it, alone. Clay suspects she is suicidal and reaches out to her at the end of the novel. After she rejected him, he took away her "notes of encouragement" from the only class that she looked forward to Ryan Shaver published one of her poems in the school paper without her knowledge, and it was harshly criticized Jenny Kurtz crashed her car into a stop sign and chose not to report it; this event eventually led to the death of a classmate At this point, the tapes come to Clay, who Hannah apologizes for including because he does not deserve to be on the list; they had genuine feelings for each other, and kissed once at a party. One, this just helps prove the part of season 1 where both Clay and Hannah suspect they'd be good together. She runs out of the store and begins to cry. Hannah becomes upset that that is the first thing he assumes.

He is the subject of the ninth tape, on which Hannah clarifies that he was always kind to her and that he does not deserve to be on her list.

She attends this although she wasn't very keen on going.

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Ultimately, knowing this leads Clay and Tony to find him. In the TV series, it is depicted as 'the butterfly effect' or 'the chaos theory'.

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Hannah says he dropped it on the floor, after seeing this, she shouts "Why me? Apparently, she has a thing for guys who like Mike and Ike's. In season 2, he is suspended from school after lying on the stand during the trial and following the leaked release of the tapes soon after. Zach becomes jealous and starts to take from Hannah's bag before she can check it. Hannah had moved from hiding near Jessica's bed to hiding in her closet, unable to move her body to stop Jessica from being raped. Wilson Cruz as Dennis Vasquez, the lawyer representing Hannah's parents at the end of season 1, during season 2 and guest season 3. Hannah's third reason is Alex Standall, after he contributes to the list, things spiral out of control for Hannah, she is labelled 'Hannah the Slut' and guys start to treat her as a sexual object instead of a human being. It's easy, with all the high drama, to completely forget about the call. Also, the fact that some of these kids definitely wouldn't be able to afford that much ink. She tells him that people were reacting to it and he asks when the last time was, she tells him that it was at a party. Marcus shows up an hour late and with some of his friends on the football team. After gaining her trust, Ryan steals and anonymously publishes one of Hannah's poems in the school newspaper.

The second character to be named on the tapes in the book was Alex Standall; [9] in the TV series it was Jessica Davis. He is a notorious serial rapist, known to rape unconscious girls and also assaulted Hannah in his hot tub.

If they only talked about what they thought and felt, they could have been together, but it didn't work that way between them. Reception[ edit ] Since its release, the novel has received both praise and criticism.

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