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Naturally, they have only a few short days to get ready. It is currently untitled and is set to release in Spring of Is it? If you've read The Lost Hero, it should be!

A lot or a little?

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If it was, it's clear to see why. Sorry Mr. I particularly loved Bast the cat goddess, Bes the dwarf god, Khufu the baboon and the albino crocodile, Philip of Macedonia. It has to be sought and earned. Riordan, I can tell that you put a lot of time into this detailed, myth engrossed novel; however, cocky, loyal Percy from your series centered around Greek mythology seriously makes so-so geeky Carter Kane vertically challenged. And though the young Kanes often feel responsible even for things that are out of their control, they are finally ready to save the world, once and for all, from the ancient Egyptian serpent-god Apophis and the chaos he represents. I thought, "Really? The love triangle. He does it with an entertaining blend of smart-mouthed attitude, comic relief, kid-friendly romance, and enough action and special effects to fill a summer blockbuster. Wait, wasn't there something more? But it really wasn't an awful way of dealing with it, just a bit If only Riordan didn't put it in. Naturally, they have only a few short days to get ready.

Oh, wait, and did I mention Anubis shows up at the dance? The books felt heartless, with little emotional connection between the author and the descriptions. Carter respects how smart Sadie is, and her quick thinking often saves the day.

There was so much focus on other things that happened in the book quite a bit of it was love triangle drama that when the battle to get rid of the enemy finally rolled around, and they defeated the serpent what? Besides criticism of the plot and characters, the violence is plentiful but never graphic, language consists of name calling Sadie is to blame.

Percy Jackson fans will want to read it, but know that young fantasy lovers should be a little older to tackle it -- at least 10, with some help from parents to keep all of the Egyptian gods and Ancient Egyptian history and mythology straight.

It seemed so predictable.

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The Serpent’s Shadow by Rick Riordan