Relationship formation psychology essay

How long ago was the igneous rock in rock unit C formed? Self-disclosure in intimate relationships: Associations with individual and relationship characteristics over time.

Although this ability may have equated to muscular strength in our evolutionary past, in modern society it is more likely to relate to occupation, social class and wealth.

relationship theory in psychology

The evolutionary approach is determinist suggesting that we have little free-will in partner choice. If in a relationship, one or both partners express too much negative feelings, then their relationship will easily break down.

When two people in a relationship share an equal proportion of affection, responsibility, and even financial conditions, the relationship is likely to last longer than those where two partners are unbalanced in the sense of equity.

Handbook of psychology: V. There is also an opportunity cost in relationships, as time spent with a partner that does not develop into a lasting relationship could have been spent with another partner with better long-term prospects. This was supported by their original longitudinal study of two groups of student couples those who had been together for more or less than 18 months.

Rollie and Duck added a fifth stage to the model, the resurrection phase where people take the experiences and knowledge gained from the previous relationship and apply it to future relationships that they have. Annual Review of Psychology, 29 1— AO3 This theory may be interpreted as similar to the matching hypothesis but for personality rather than physical traits.

What is the name of the first super continent which formed near the end of the Proterozoic?

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IB Psychology HL, Essay 'Why do relationships end'