Reflection of the course essay

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That was what I did in community college English courses, so I didn't think it would be much different here. A picture I used was of a face detaching from a body because it gets the point across that without a doctor, this process can be torturous and dehumanizing.

One of my most influential experiences took place with my very first class, ED taught by Dr Additionally, alternative views helped me to incorporate logic and critical thought into my arguments.

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The proposals helped me focus on the prompt and deconstruct it. I came to this school from Moorpark Community College already knowing that I wanted to be an English teacher; I had taken numerous English courses and though I knew exactly what I was headed for-was I ever wrong. Now, I have strengthened in both areas, thanks to the ideas and reflections presented in throughout the entire semester.

In these early papers, I would just restate what we learned in class and what I had found in my research. Reading is not only about speaking, but also about how to find ideas and make sense of the presented materials.

Reflection of the course essay

This process helped keep me working diligently toward the final composition and not leave it to the last minute. Typical I struggle the most on making transitions from one paragraph to the next. I am looking forward to utilizing these newfound skills in my next career opportunity as well as graduate school. I fell short in passing the class and the disappointment in myself was difficult to deal with for a while. I have focused on my strengths and aimed to fix my weaknesses. Prior to this course, I was not good at discovering hidden meanings and ideas in readings, and had many grammatical issues. Which I feel very proud to say.
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