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With a focus on technological innovation, our research aims to develop improved understanding of innovation and the associated management issues.

Companies with the ability to overcome the challenges that are typically faced in scaling up new processes from the laboratory to commercial production will have an advantage in achieving competitive operations in shorter timeframes. Julia Fan Li Enabling the successful scale up of innovative processing technologies The development of innovative processing technologies is becoming increasingly important in the chemical industry.

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The proposed research topics will of course be discussed together in person and further developed. Work with us and rest assured that you will be offered affordable technology management research topic aid. The financial security of the PhD candidate must be secured during the candidacy.

The preparation for a doctoral candidacy should contain a synopsis which includes pages on the fundamental research question. Man Hang Yip How factors such as innovation strategy and product complexity may impact on configuration and evolution of the front-end of innovation process in companies The early phases of the innovation process, also known as the fuzzy front-end, have been a challenge for every business that intends to compete through product innovation.

technology management topics

Several studies have explored the front-end, with progresses regarding description of its features, activities, barriers, best practices, tools, methods, etc. Bettina Blasini The knowledge sharing mechanism in open source software community This research explores the mechanism of open source software community and it's significance to improve software innovation performance and knowledge flow in the virtual community.

Innovation management dissertation topics

Dr Lan Tao The role of in-house demonstration to support innovation This research has explored the role of demonstration is used within a large product-based firm to support the communication and adoption of technologies throughout the innovation process. David Weiss Early stage new product and service development in the healthcare industry This research focuses on the management of early stage new product development in Healthcare industry, exploring the meaning of new product in the context of healthcare service delivery, the shifting business model in the industry, and the increasing sophistication of the software embedded in medical equipment. Work with us and rest assured that you will be offered affordable technology management research topic aid. The selected research topic should be included along with a drafted synopsis of the topic. Entire Writing Process: Once you choose your topic and approve it, we can still help you with the research and writing process. Please note that sole external PhD projects will not be supervised. Preparations The independent search for a thesis topic is an essential component of the qualification for the potential doctorate candidate.
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