Patient with a long term condition nursing essay

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Patients are helped to understand the progress of their condition and involved in planning care in advance, in accordance with their own wishes. Cold therapy is advocated to be applied intermittently rather than continuous, for the optimal parameters; each session should last 25 to 30 minutes, which is the time thought to be needed to substantially decrease temperature, blood flow, and metabolism Demoulin and Vanderthommen, , p. Surgery combined with chemotherapy and radiotherapy was the treatment. Despite the positive reports about exercise, there are barriers to this management approach: psychosocial aspects cause barriers, concerns relating to joint health and limitations in exercise prescription, musculoskeletal pain and fatigue Law et al, , p. Model is categorized by constructive and beneficial interactions between patients and family supported by a diverse, well informed Multi-Disciplinary Teams MDT. What is nursing? However, they have altered the model to suit their requirements resulting in the Expanded Chronic Care Model. Plans to transform care for patients with long-term conditions are based on continuing to maintain focus on early intervention and prevention; supporting integrated services shall help the patients and the public have a clear set of rights and patients in turn shall help the health care by undertaking the necessary steps, to take good care of their own health: promoting a preventative, people- centred, and productive care to be delivered Great Britain. Rheumatoid arthritis RA is an inflammatory, autoimmune disease that causes pain, joint stiffness especially in the morning, and loss of function; it can occur at any age but is more common in persons over the age of 30 years and affects women more often than men Australia.

Part of his care and education includes his wife and children who will help him at home. Despite paraffin wax therapy having benefits, its heat effects may increase inflammation, thus increasing swelling of the synovial membrane, so both joint and skin temperature elevate following superficial heating, which is a disadvantage to using heat therapy as an intervention, because RA patients often have unstable vascular reactions following exposure to heat Hayes, pg.

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Recent evidence shows positive results for paraffin wax baths combined with hand exercises for arthritic hands on objective measures of ROM, pinch function, grip strength, pain on non-resisted motion, stiffness compared to control after four consecutive weeks of treatment Welch et al,p.

Specialist services will be needed at times but, to ensure optimum outcome, the specialty should operate within an integrated system of healthcare and social support. Miller refers to J.

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Newell explains attitudes of our bodies and others are formed in childhood. In this assignment, a scenario of a patient diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis three months ago, is going to be discuss, regarding examination findings outlined in the pro-forma; her name is Marjory 32 years old, married and a mother of two, works as a secretary.

The disadvantage of TENS, is the discomfort that arises from skin irritation through the electrode couplant from the electricity, and a study reported that an RA patient developed paresthesias which increased pain following heat and TENS, these effects were delayed, so RA patients should be monitored closely Hayes,p.

Patient with a long term condition nursing essay

Nursing care in general entails holistic care and collaborative care of individuals of all ages, families, groups and communities, whether sick or well Royal College of Nursing, RCN Self-care is important because patients spend the majority of their life on their own with family. The Department of Health [DoH] b defines it as those that can only be controlled and not, at present, cured. Box 1. These were then combined with search terms specific to qualitative research. The NMC Confidentiality Policy restricts use of actual names or specific information that may make a patient recognisable. Key points 15 million people in England have a long-term condition NHS Improvement has created a long-term conditions pathway The pathway reflects the key stages of care and offers a set of core principles In Gwent, an integrated service for older people who are frail has improved care In other areas, patients who have cancer and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease are supported in line with the pathway. Unfortunately, he underwent further surgery and had a Pharyngo-Laryngectomy. Compression gloves give a gentle compression which is an advantage on controlling joint swelling leading to decrease of pain Kanvucu and Evcik, , p. Firstly, an outline of the selected patients journey will be delivered and the pathophysiology and related nursing care of the patient and their long term condition will be explained.
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Long Term Conditions: A Case Study of a Patient Living With Type 2 Essay