Not interested

Anyone who thinks you're being rude just because you said no to them is a loser.

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Uninterested originally meant impartial, but this sense fell into disuse during the 18th century. Just be polite. Uninterested: Usage Guide Disinterested and uninterested have a tangled history. Actual usage shows otherwise.

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Take A. If he's persistent, or being willfully ignorant, then he's the one being rude, and you can feel free to reply in kind. And don't end with "see you in class," or "let's be friends," because, in all honesty, you don't hope that either of those things happen.

Examples of uninterested in a Sentence the teacher decided to make a career change after having to teach yet another class of uninterested teens Recent Examples on the Web In the shot, the little tot can be seen posing with her arms crossed and her back against a wall — looking completely uninterested in the fish tank beside her.

I choked as I usually doand gave it to him. Today he asked for my number. Send us feedback. More on Dating at Glamour.

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