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I think this is down to maturity -- a lot of folk on the Internet are students who aren't paying for their time on the system. A blank line between paragraphs greatly helps readability. If you choose to use an exclamation point, use only one to convey excitement, Pachter says. If not, they may rush to read something that didn't need urgent prioritizing, and be understandably irritated. Your mistakes won't go unnoticed by the recipients of your email. For best results, avoid using unequivocally negative words "failure," "wrong," or "neglected" , and always say "please" and "thank you. Contacting someone too frequently can border on harassment. Be cautious with humor. Many businesses use automated e-mails to acknowledge communications from the public, or to remind associates that periodic reports or payments are due. What is good email Netiquette? Avoid abbreviations. A good e-mail should get to the point and conclude in three small paragraphs or less. When sending mass e-mails, use solutions that refer to recipients by first name -- but be certain names appear in the same color, font and size as the rest of the message, so the fact that it's a faceless form letter isn't obvious.

You can greatly help potential readers remember what your message is about, and decide whether or not to read it, with a descriptive subject line. When sending to multiple recipients, consider blind carbon copying for courtesy's sake, or creating groups of users which shield recipients contained in the group from seeing who else has been copied.

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Also, keep in mind the considerable limitations on accurate communication of emotion in a text medium. Before marking e-mails as urgent, tantamount to putting an underscore under your message in someone's inbox, genuinely ask yourself: Will the other party consider the query just as important as I do?

You should only copy more than one mailing list or newsgroup if the message is genuinely useful and on-topic, and do your part to reduce everybody's email load.

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Thank you for your interest in [company name]. This takes judgment, and you should ask yourself a basic question: is this posting likely to be of interest to this newsgroup or mailing list, or is there another forum that is more appropriate? Take the time to really determine if a message is necessary or not before sending it in the first place. Accordingly, general guidelines. Be cautious with humor. Instead, send a message inviting people to email you directly if they want a copy. Use a good format. Life 15 Email Etiquette Rules Every Professional Should Follow Despite being glued to their reply buttons, plenty of managers still don't know how to use email appropriately. Sometimes people keep a copy of a message or newsgroup posting, but don't have a copy of the header with the addresses, and so they won't know how to contact you later. In general, you should take a disagreement with another user off of a mailing list or news group, and into a civil and personal exchange by email between the two of you, letting others carry on with the discussion. This can be indicated in the subject line. Use a professional email address. Netiquette refers to etiquette, or protocols and norms for communication, on the Internet. A flame can sometimes be funny, and may feel good to the sender, but should be resisted whenever possible. Students and teachers can avoid embarrassing situations by adhering to some simple guidelines for electronic communication.

Say "Hi Michael," unless you're certain he prefers to be called "Mike. Nothing is confidential--so write accordingly. The result can appear too emotional or immature," she writes.

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Email verification is a common way to validate online accounts for other services. Send commercial email unsolicited to private organizations or people.

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Life 15 Email Etiquette Rules Every Professional Should Follow Despite being glued to their reply buttons, plenty of managers still don't know how to use email appropriately.

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