Multi agency and intergrated working

integrated working system

Barriers such as the few I have just named can stop people from effectively communicating with one another, which can then cause distress and also could lead to certain harmful situation. A way that this can cause problems is that it can put children in harmful and dangerous situation.

Multi-agency working helps to meet the needs of children, their parents or carers, different services, agencies, teams of professionals and other practitioners will work together to provide the services that a child or their family may need.

Some people may not be used to sharing their knowledge with others. The therapist may also model correct pronunciation and use repetition exercises to build speech and language skills [16]. Using specialised skills you will work directly with the client and provide support to them and their carers.

Teaching assistant — Teaching assistants TAs usually work with a teacher in their classroom, making sure pupils get the most out of lessons e. A CAF summary should highlight the strengths and needs of a child and family and what is required to support them, e.

Panels are usually made up of different agencies, and these panels determine the access that is available between settings for young people and children.

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The importance of multi