Mtmi mammography tomosynthesis

The coordinator will also make sure that you are receiving the audio portion of the Webinar properly.

Mammography license

Why would I need to call on the telephone? What if I miss a session? Food and Drug Administration approved labeling. Breast Ultrasound Refresher. No, MQSA requires that you obtain 15 credits in mammography every three years. How do I ask the speaker questions? If you register on-line and pay with a credit card, you will automatically get your confirmation receipt right away by email. It could be subject to a change depending on your telephone carrier.

Edward A. The tuition charge paid by a participant will be refunded upon request.

8 hours of digital mammography training

We can track your attendance by monitoring when you log on and off from each session. A certificate will be released within two business days following the program, providing your attendance is confirmed.

mammography education

As of January 1,candidates must also document completion of 16 hours of structured education. Again, the 25 supervised mammograms will count as How do I ask the speaker questions?

Mtmi ct

Evidence of quality improvement. Breast Care Imaging Update 3. You will be able to print your certificate from your account. Evaluate the results of breast imaging quality improvement measurements to improve patient care. If you would like to review the current rule, these requirements are currently listed under the Texas Administrative Code, Title 22, Part 9, Chapter , Subchapter A, Rule You will be asked to complete an online survey at the end of each session prior to receiving credit for attendance. DBT qualification and training. If you apply to take the mammography exam more than 2 years after the course, you cannot use our course as your needed 16 structured hours in mammography. DBT qualification and training. Expert approach to workflow. To calculate if you have the seven points and minimum criteria necessary to apply for certification, carefully review the chart below. No, you may attend our course before receiving your R.
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Digital Breast Tomosynthesis: Practical Application by MTMI