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Americans today have adapted the addiction of cell phone technology, the device accommodates more than just text or talking. This research work examines phone usage and identified the effects internet enabled mobile phones to have on the academic performance of students at the tertiary institutions using the Federal Polytechnic students of Ilaro, Ogun State in Nigeria as a case study.

Now how many of you have ever texted while driving?

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When is it acceptable, to use cell phones in public? The existence of cell phones have changed the communication skills of many round the world. London: Routledge.

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Thus, after controlling for other established predictors, increased cell phone use was associated with decreased academic performance. Do you attend your classes every day? Since the device provides us direct access to one another, it allows us to maintain ongoing interaction with family and friends. Your honest answer to the questionnaire is vital to the success of the survey. Further, as handsets become more loaded with capabilities ranging from video recording and sharing, to music playing and internet access, teens and young adults have an ever-increasing repertoire of use. Commented [G36]: Inserted: ly [ ] hours [ ] hours [ ] Half day [ ] Whole Day [ ] once a week 8. How frequently do you use your mobile phone daily? The cell phone has provided teens with their own communication channel. The cell phone was invented by Dr. Americans today have adapted the addiction of cell phone technology, the device accommodates more than just text or talking. The age difference was not a significant factor in mobile phone usage Commented [G26]: Inserted: The a Commented [G27]: Deleted:A on their academic performance among secondary school students.

Why do you use a mobile phone? Farley, H.

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Cell phone use is a problem in America and in our own homes. Palfrey, J. By there were 1. Credibility- I found these statistics along with other information on drivinglaws. Often this is done discreetly and with little fuss. Now that people know that I have one, people expect me to always be available. Internet Safety Task Force. In other cases, it interrupts in-person encounters or can cause dangerous situations. Here are three different examples for three different topics: - Topic: Dogphobia.

In addition, the telephones were large, energy intensive car-mounted devices. The first cellular call and the first call from a hand held cellular device also were placed in the US. Which brand of cell phone do you use?

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