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But what about a product page? However, once you start ranking in the top 10 for any worthwhile keywords i. If your title tag is too long, search engines will cut off your title with an ellipsis … : Ideally, your readers and search engines should be able to see the entire title tag so they get the best idea of what the content is about. Case 2: You use WordPress. In fact, Google almost always rewrites titles. But what about the specifics? Characters vs. What pain points do people searching for this query have? More on that in step 2.

Your page might be indexed if search engines discover it via a link from another site, or even from your own. Your title tag has to do both at once.

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Meta data optimisation So how do you make sure your title tags and meta description continue to work well? They are important for the search engines for the same reason, except they also function to determine the relevancy of the web page as a result in a search query. In short, if you want to boost your rankings , you need to pay attention to SEO title optimization. This makes sense considering this is way more accurate than characters. Optimise the meta data for these pages using the steps outline above. Just describe your page accurately and concisely. Are you running a consultancy firm? Yes, you want people to click through to your article, but not at the expense of honesty. Are title tags used as a ranking signal? Having duplicate title tags is confusing for both users and search engines because the title is an important differentiator. On top of that, the title is truncated which hurts the readability as well.

Think about the most important search queries that apply to a page, and then write the title. Why are search engines not showing my title tag? So…Google rewrites them. Good length There is no perfect title tag length.

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Finalize it and send it out into the world. Make sure you really think about what on the page is most valuable or important to your target audience. At SEJ64—70 characters is recommended, depending on your word breaks.

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There has been a lot of debate about where your keywords should be placed in a title tag for SEO; in the beginning or does it really matter?

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