Fuel from algae business plan

In the future, anything that runs on gasoline and diesel could also use biofuel from algae.

microalgae biofuel

Therefore, research is focusing on cutting the cost of algal biofuel production to the point where it can compete with conventional petroleum. Here are 5 project leading the pack today. For example, the dyes and oils have found a place in cosmetics, commonly as thickening and water-binding agents.

Therefore, algal biofuels should be treated in a similar manner to petroleum fuels in transportation and use, with sufficient safety measures in place at all times.

Shell algae biofuel

This has been demonstrated to reduce nitrogen and phosphorus levels in rivers and other large bodies of water affected by eutrophication, and systems are being built that will be capable of processing up to million liters of water per day. Not only does this process require much less energy, the researchers say it is also faster, with lipids extracted in mere seconds. Despite these challenges inroads—and actual fuel—are being made in the nascent field. Shot of a car driving on the highway. He is the type of person that takes his thoughts and beliefs and shares them with everyone around him. Organic fertilizer that comes out of the digester is liquid, and nearly suitable for algae growth, but it must first be cleaned and sterilized. Product or service features Green Gold will develop a plant specific design for sequestration, tailoring the basic design to the size and location dependent needs of the customer. Since we are planning to work for business and not individuals we feel like advertising in the mainstream media would be a waste. Financial Forecasts A. Algae is widely considered as a potential source of biofuel because it does not compete with food resources. This causes bio-flocculation of the algae which allows for easier extraction. Nitrate was found to be the preferred source of nitrogen, in regards to amount of biomass grown. For example, the extracted triglycerides are reacted with methanol to create biodiesel via transesterification. As a design firm these costs are based on the workers who produce the designs as well as the cost of materials and labor to produce and implement them. The road ahead might be long, but these recent ideas and discoveries could all represent significant steps.

We are not limited to places that have lots of sun, like other algae growers, but we can grow our algae without that making, our product valuable in places that are less ideal conditions. The pond is one of several at the site where Exxon Mobil and Synthetic Genomics are taking the next step toward a goal that has been elusive for other companies so far: the production of biofuel at scale.

We will also give pitches 12 to some of the companies close by.

fuel from algae business plan

It first tested its jet fuel in late Some of the products not used in the production of biofuel include natural dyes and pigments, antioxidants, and other high-value bio-active compounds. Competitive Strategy To achieve successful cost leadership, GGC is continually focused on the efficiency of solutions.

Bp algae biofuel

Once the algae has been established, it can be harvested every 5—15 days, [] and can produce 18 metric tons of algal biomass per hectare per year. There are no figures as of yet for the now-running acre facility. ATS can also be used for treating point source pollution, such as the waste water mentioned above, or in treating livestock effluent. We will want to make a high profit margin because our product has so much work going into our product before we can sell it to an actual corporation to make a profit. Shot of a biorefinery. Solving the energy balance issue One of the main points of friction in the lipid extraction component of algal biofuel production is the need to remove all moisture from the algae in advance, leaving a dry powder from which the lipids can be separated. The chief financial officer directs the fiscal actions 17 of the company, develops company strategy and predicts future market conditions. Some of the products not used in the production of biofuel include natural dyes and pigments, antioxidants, and other high-value bio-active compounds. Teixeira [] demonstrated a new reaction and proposed a process for harvesting and extracting raw materials for biofuel and chemical production that requires a fraction of the energy of current methods, while extracting all cell constituents. Pretty soon the U.
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5 Companies Making Fuel From Algae Now