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It is a Himalayan river.

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Headwater glaciers that supply the majority of flow within the river network are retreating rapidly as a result of warming climate, threatening the dependable supply of water on which the ten percent of global population living in the Ganga, Brahmaputra, and Indus River basins rely.

History reveals that the river was very important and holly because of the enormous prayers done by king Bhagirathi for the salvation of his ancestors.

Environmental Monitoring and Assessment, v. Thirdly, the vast areas in the Ganga basin have been occupied by industrial complexes. This river is becoming more polluted as the population gets larger and the amount of waste increases.

Hindus in India regard the river, Ganga as a goddess. National attitudes have now changed dramatically, and grassroots environmental concern about water pollution, as well as government attempts to control pollution, are growing.

It plays a very vital role on the life-cycle of Indians. Once the Ganga is cleaned, tourist spots can be developed along its banks to provide recreation and promote tourism.

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The erosion of the banks is a permanent feature; and this fact has been constantly making the waters muddy, full of dirt, and filthy. References: 1.

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Third, patterns of resource use must be altered in ways that facilitate improvement of water quality. Hooghly branch of the river which flows near Kolkata, the second branch enters Bangladesh's Padma river. River Ganga originates from the Gangotri in the Himalayas. This holy river was named after the goddess Ganga, who is believed to be the daughter of the mountain god Himalaya. Keshvprayag is situated at some height from Badrinath. Environmental Science and Technology, v. It is widely believed that this body of water is the Earthly manifestation of the Hindu goddess Ganga. The river and Goddess Ganga are worshipped and water is known to have healing properties. With the growing population, pollution is not slowing down.

Please see the Global Water Forum terms and conditions here. Keshvprayag is situated at some height from Badrinath.

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This place is called Gangotri. Third, patterns of resource use must be altered in ways that facilitate improvement of water quality. As the rivers of the Ganga basin leave the steep topography of the Himalaya and enter the hill country to the south, they flow through the first of many cities spread along their courses. There are many variations of the Ganges and the names of the four pilgrimages. It represents the 5,year-old civilisation of India. Hindus respect the Ganges river with the holiest of regards. In , a project for million dollars was made to try to clean up What Factors have contributed to the pollution of the Ganga waters? Factories in this city along the coast are spilling pollutants into the river. Gajbhiye, M. Cities such as Kathmandu, Nepal, along the tributary Bishnumati River, release a variety of contaminants into the rivers, and water quality deteriorates rapidly downstream.

River pollution is in many ways difficult for people to grapple with.

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This essay is about the ganges river,its history, and how it is sacred to the hindus.