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While segregatedsheltered instruction may be necessary to remediate specific skills and offer direct instruction in the rules of English, it should not become the primary form of instruction.

Bilingual Teachers - Bilingual teachers are needed in today's diverse society.

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ESL Research Paper Topic Suggestions Other scholars examining the specific techniques the educators can use to improve outcomes for ESL students assert that collaborative programs in the school can help educators mainstream ESL students.

ESL Standards provide that student should be able to use English to achieve academically in all content areas and social situations; this requires a knowledge of academic English, formal and informal language. Related Research Paper Topics Natural Sequence - Natural Sequence Research Papers looks at how adult learners of other languages became familiar with english language skills.

Drastic change of bio-socio-economic factors and cultural environment may cause social and occupational impairment and require a prolonged adaptational period. Second Language Acquisition - Second Language Acquisition research papers evaluate the theories that have been applied to the understanding of second language acquisition.

Charter Schools - Charter Schools Research Papers examine the alternative to public schools and discuss how charter schools are funded.

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However, finding solutions to these problems in terms of providing instruction can be a notable challenge. Even though this will mean more work for educators it can provide better outcomes for ESL students unable to achieve particular subject goals.

As reported by one author, the government has made a current push to integrate all ESL students into the classroom in three years. It draws connections between the acculturative needs and the particulars of various music therapy approaches, briefly discusses assessment, treatment plan, and ethical issues that arise when working with immigrant populations.

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English As a Second Language (ESL) Research Papers