Duality in the bacchae

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Do not mistake the rule of force for true power. These character flaws accompanied with his foolish decisions set the stage for his tragic downfall.

Perhaps the play is trying to say that everything that exists is also its opposite at the very same time — more specifically, that we as human beings are inherently contradicted.

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You have everything to gain from such a lie' Let's take a look at some of these. As ruler of Thebes, Pentheus sees it as his duty to maintain order in civic society. So, what's with all these dualities?

Duality in the bacchae

Dionysus, the god of the mask, offers his worshippers the freedom to be someone other than themselves, and in doing so, the chance to achieve a religious ecstasy through theater itself. Dionysus appears to have split genders as both male and female.

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Duality in the Bacchae Essay