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Ready to tell us about yourself? Over the last two years I have stepped up from being a participant in their summer leadership academy, aimed at empowering young girls, to becoming a Junior Counsellor and permanent member of staff.

Convey that you know us. A misplaced apostrophe can be really off-putting to admissions tutors, and you don't want to give them an easy reason to turn you down.

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And my brother was the greatest help when it came to polishing the final draft mostly because he is very critical. He also says he'd be surprised if many candidates knew their career aspirations at the personal statement stage.

Then start deleting.

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Advice from Kyle G. This has placed great demands on my time, but I have never been happier and know I made the right decision.

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Our tool asks you a series of questions to help you think about what you need to include. In parallel, I am enthusiastic about educating and mentoring younger students. I want to gain the skills I need to become the best writer I can be. But other MFA faculty members, including Epstein, are more reluctant to encourage unconventional statements. The proofreader should be someone who will present you with ways to improve your statement, rather than just praise you and say how brilliant it is. Dargan: Tip 1: Tell us what or who you are currently reading or have read in the past. Our personal statement writing tool will guide you through the process of writing your first draft. Believe me, I was the same. Jot down all your fresh ideas and then just as you are getting excited about the fact that you are doing so well — find yourself unable to write an openning. Specific details give the statement more weight. In time, writing became an outlet for my emotions, imagination and creativity. Sophie: Always keep your personal statement simple. T and Philosophy. Analysing texts from both viewpoints allows me to think in different ways to those of just one or the other, gaining valuable insights. Given the fact that I live in a country where consistency is a bad joke and no one can tell what the next day will bring, this feeling of absolute control brings a sense of balance in my life and motivates me to persevere.
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