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International issues in staffing 6. Lecture Duration — each topic optimally requires an hour of presentation, meaning the complete training module requires 10 hours.

Strategic management undergraduate course outline

Overview 1. Primary measures of corporate performance 7. Scanning the External Environment 3. I expect you come to the class having read the assigned readings. Action Plan 6. Course references are contained in the training module 4. Usefulness of strategic decision-making process 8. Students learn to identify, analyze, propose alternative solutions and make decisions about business strategy. I will try to minimize my lectures times to introducing concepts not presented in the assigned readings. Leadership 2. Thompson, Jr. Strategy and Competitive Advantage 5. The Board of Directors 2. Management by Objectives 7.

Introduction 7. Guidelines for proper control 8. Determining the sustainability of an advantage 4.

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Strategic Management focuses on organization as a whole and its transactions with its environment. Course references are contained in the training module 4.

To develop in the trainee environmental scanning skills to be used in strategic management. The overall goals are: To develop a framework of analysis to enable students to identify central issues and problem in complex, comprehensive case; to suggest alternative course of action; and present well supported recommendations for future action To develop conceptual skills so that students are able to integrate previously learned aspects of corporations.

Method of deliver — each topic is treated as its own complete presentation meaning this training module is best delivered in 10 lectures 2. Industry Analysis 4. Phases of Strategic Management Planning 1.

Usefulness of strategic management model 8.

strategic management unit outline

To know about business strategies used around the world.

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