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Kelley, Robert The team must have a collaborative climate. Psychological Bulletin, 63, Any idea put forward by the team member should be analyzed in all directions. The French language has an excellent expression to describe it: esprit de corps. This resulted in a positive peer pressure and helped our team to perform better. One says he is a very good listener but misinterprets what was just said. This means a sense of unity, of enthusiasm for common interests and responsibilities, as developed among a group of persons closely associated in a task, cause, enterprise, etc.

They are; personal initiative, networking, self- management, perspective, followership, leadership, teamwork, organizational savvy, and lastly presentation skills. Knowing the true meaning of teamwork is the first step in making a successful team.

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Especially in business, an effective team could have more successes in the workplace and make more profit for their organization. Hawthorne effect Mayo, When we are working for the client, in the early stage of the project we are not monitored by our client, so there is less pressure on each member of the team and we used to take it for granted. This increased the output and we were able to complete the work early then what we expected. So this helped us to compensate and help others also to complete the task before we leave for the day. This created peer pressure in our team. The Power of Followership. Teamwork can be a solution to the group project being done well. Since my only experience of working in a team is the first week of this semester I had a lot of arisen questions in this subject. This is quite true and also very helpful within a team because as discussed earlier, a team would move from norming stage to a performing stage when there is a closer interaction because of the social support by each other in the team. An effective teamwork depends on the rapport present between all members of the team leading to the creation of an environment where they are all willing to contribute and participate in order to promote a positive and effective team environment. Purpose, roles, status, affiliation etc. Another person describes himself as a solution supporter but keeps on adding points prolonging the discussions. In addition, the other questions covered the opinions of Jack relevant to the issue of teamwork, the benefits accrued from teamwork, conditions for success as well as trainings necessary to improve the teamwork abilities amongst the employees.

In knowledge based enterprises, teams are the norm rather than the exception. To analyse the presentation and teamwork I need to be able to understand everyone has different experiences and different ways of working and had their own view on teamwork.

In order to make an organization successful, managers have to consider some questions about teams and teamwork management Tip Teamwork fosters creativity and innovation, blends complementary strengths, improves morale and provides greater flexibility in the workplace. We found solutions to problems using appropriate controls, established unique identity and worked for each other.

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Throught the semester Dr. Also all the team members should feel responsible for the end product.

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What Are the Benefits of Teamwork in Business?