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Regulations must be followed exactly or companies like Burger King could find themselves in legal trouble. Another strength that would apply whether or not you already have a restaurant is using premium ingredients such as beef from corn-fed cows, organic produce from local farms, and homemade buns that includes choices such as whole wheat, sourdough, and pumpernickel.

How will you find a way to make your burgers unique in an industry saturated with burger restaurants? We can make our own brand to produce other food that increase our profit and give customers other choice.

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We have variety of choice to fulfil different type of customers, you can add your favourite selections of condiment and vegetables. Burger King Corporation This is a SWOT analysis of the brand that will help you understand its strengths and weaknesses and how the brand is poised for future growth.

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It can spread our burgers are delicious and bring the new customers. The brand has some important strengths and has expanded to countries and US territories. Burger King is looking to expand more stores into Asian markets.

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Burger King SWOT Analysis & Recommendations