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I will definitely be going back to their brand! Fool me twice shame on me!!! Smells good! You understand the ingredients on the jar and that is so important to me.

PIRG said it found the chemical in organic wines and beersincluding Budweiser. I carefully inspected the jar and found no rough edge but believe there was food dried on the outer edge. Britbuck23 Around 4 months I started baby food and of course started with the cheaper brands. My son is older and I was looking for a way to increase fruits and veggies for my picky preschooler.

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Helpful 29 people found this review helpful Not sure how to choose? First off let me start by saying I did not know Beechnut was a small company in upstate New York. The chemical sets off alarm bells. How to protect yourself and your family Shoppers are bombarded with news about chemicals in food, from arsenic in rice to heavy metals in fruit juice.

Beech-Nut seems to understand that our babies mean the world to us and it seems they mean something to them as well. Squibb Corporation. The product was based on the smoked hams of the Lipes' father, farmer Ephraim Lipe.

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