1967 referendum essay writer

Dr Reynolds — Yes, I am sure that would be the reaction. They insisted constitutional change was a necessary precondition for Aboriginal equality.

reasons for the 1967 referendum

Attwood and A. This shows how much they want to change the constitution. Discuss with students the significance of the photograph being taken by a Czechoslovakian Jew. To offer the Aborigines money or whatever, as compensation, is not giving them the right to go through the land the way they should be able to do, to do with their culture.

So what was achieved? But it is probably necessary to say a little more about the ideas of the main figures behind the petition and the Aborigines Protection League. Share If there is a movement towards truth-telling about the history and ongoing nature of colonisation, as called for by the Uluru Statementthen it must ensure there is truth-telling about race as the foundation on which the Australian nation has been built.

who led the 1967 referendum
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‘Right wrongs, write Yes’: what was the referendum all about?